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Are you FINatical about Sharks?

Join the Race & Get Swimming to End Finning
The clock’s ticking for vanishing shark species. You can join the race to protect them. If you’re FINatical about sharks, fundraise today.

What is the Finathon?
Like a swimathon, fun run, cycle race or marathon – the Finathon is a great way to bring the community together, raise awareness and funds to support this unique cause.

You can help Project AWARE:
In November 2014 we helped secure protection for 21 species of shark and rays under the Convention on Migratory Species, following on from our success listing oceanic whitetip sharks, porbeagles, three species of hammerheads and both manta rays under CITES. (Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.)

Thank you for supporting the Finathon, propelling our work to implement necessary guidelines for shark and ray protection in 2015 and beyond. Create your fundraising page now and we'll be in touch every step of the way to ensure your action is a success!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Michelle Masters $7.50
Emmaline Horn $22.50
Melissa Konig $30.00
Kim Glasby $6.00
Stephen Aynsley $20.00 to paraphrase 'field of dreams' - support your cause and the rest will come
Becky Olesky $10.00
Gail Hancock $7.50
Andrea Hess $10.00
Gary Klungreseth $25.00 Good luck buddy!
Stiofan McAilin $25.00 Nice one dude. Keep up the good work!
Ashlee Bullock $10.00 We would love to help you save the sharks!!! Such a big heart you have, keep up the great work it never goes unnoticed.
Giovanni Rodriguez $10.00 Mailed in $10
Gary Postans $25.00 Good luck Natalie!
Ian Wilkins $25.00
Emma Williamsonn $10.00
Jo Wingfield $10.00 Good luck, sorry it took so long! X
Rachel Barnes $10.00 Keep swimming & good luck!
simon walker $7.50
Lucy green $7.50
Natalie Moxon $10.00 Best of luck ???? xxx
Lucy Briggs $25.00 hope you raise lots of money x
Vikki Collins $20.00 Good Luck! Xx
charlotte beeson $10.00 xx
Sandra Varney $10.00 Good luck Nat, not that you will need it! xx
Anonymous Donor $2.00
claire brazier $10.00 Good luck xx
Natalie Parrinder $5.00 Just to prove how easy this is!
Stellar Divers $25.00
Nadja Soest $35.00 I motivated my boy-friend to swim a little finathon when he went to the public swimming pool, and I would donate for every 25m length. Very motivated by that he did 61x25m. I hope we can increase the support group for more donations in the future!
Divecenter Scubido $100.00
Pam Wilkins $25.00 Of course you can do it, I have no doubt in you. Good luck x
Leah Robinson $20.00 Good luck! You can do it ????????????
Lacey Williams $15.00 Anything I can to help my favorite animal!!! Protect all the sharks!!!!
Joanne Marston $5.00 Go Sharks, Go Fundraisers, Go AWARE
Lauren Wiskerson $5.00 Shark Protection 2015!
Project AWARE
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