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What is a Finathon®? Whatever you want it to be!

From climbing mountains to building sandcastles, Finathon is all about doing whatever inspires you to fundraise for ocean protection. Project AWARE’s Finathon is the ultimate way divers can support ocean protection – fins on and off.

As divers, we know that tackling two of the biggest threats facing our ocean – marine debris and over-exploitation of shark and ray species – is a real challenge. Finathon brings the dive community together to raise critical funds and awareness for the plight of our ocean and its wildlife.

Ocean protection depends on our actions, large and small. Now, more than ever before, divers are taking a stand for conservation. Take part in a Finathon challenge of your choice to help Project AWARE:

  • Fight to stop the ugly journey of our trash
  • Insist on full protections for the most vulnerable shark and ray species
  • Negotiate policies that ensure a brighter future for our ocean and its wildlife

Thank you for supporting ocean protection through the Finathon. It fuels grassroots activities and policy change in two areas - Marine Debris and Sharks in Peril - necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet today and in the future.

Dive deep for ocean protection, create your fundraising page today and we'll be in touch every step of the way to ensure your action is a success!

Recent Updates

FKCC Team's Third Annual Finathon Raises More Than Ever!

In recognition of Earth Day, the Florida Keys Community College Scuba Club hosted their third annual Finathon on April 24 2016.

The swim team began at noon, from the College’s Dive Training Lagoon on the Key West Campus, collectively swimming 10.5 miles in support of ocean protection with Project AWARE.

They hoped to beat their 2015 fundraising total and smashed it, raising $1415. A huge thanks...

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Bowl-o-thon Crew Get Their Mind In The Gutter For Ocean Protection!

Thank tos Didier Durpat and to all participants and donors who contributed to collect funds for Project AWARE as part of the Bowl-o-thon at the Rose Bowl in Montreal Canada on the 17th of April 2016.
The whole gang had a fun afternoon of bowling while donating to support ocean protection raising a grand total of $754.
Project AWARE is so grateful to all donors and players and thanks them for...

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Sandcastle Competition Inspires Marine Protection

“I have always felt at home near the sea. It’s not only my office, it’s also where I feel simultaneously most at peace and most terrified.” Though she’d never even thought about becoming a scuba diver until a friend invited her to travel to Egypt for an open water diving course, it was inevitable that Jo Roberts – a self-proclaimed ‘water baby’ – would build a life for herself grounded in...

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Why I fundraise for Project AWARE
“Don’t be a litter bug” was something my mother said that piqued my curiosity when I was four years old. I don’t remember her response but whatever it was, it wasn’t a good enough explanation and I wanted to find out more for myself. So much so that I stole a cracker wrapper from the trash can and snuck out the house to release that plastic wrap into the world to see what would happen. As I...

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Honey Mascarinas $50.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00
Yvette Kroesen-de Kruijf $50.00 Be careful sis!! XXX Frans, Tim, Gwen And Yvette
Pietro Indelicato $25.00 Buona fortuna
Cody McDonald $100.00
Cristina Cerina $50.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
esther de kruijf $10.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
Esther de Kruijf $10.00
Tim Marshall $20.00 Go fast as bro
Jenny Harper $50.00 From all your mates in the Customer Service Department.
Amanda Dorahy $20.00 Good Luck Tosh!
Bryce Cameron $20.00 Maverick, you just did an incredibly brave thing. Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.! - Top Gun 1986
Ian Cumming $20.00 You're built like a whippet Tosh so make sure you whip-it real good!! Are you drinking protein shakes now??!
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Paul Tanner $10.00
Paul Tanner $10.00
Kim Ngan $20.00 Good Luck!
Esther de Kruijf $25.00 Woohoo to myself! :p
Esther de Kruijf $25.00 Buddy donation! ;)
Rob Brookes $20.00 Here you go handsome, if only I could come with you, remember it's only pain :D
David Scanlan $20.00 Good on you Tosh, hope you survive!
Pete W $10.00 Its not the taking part, its the winning.
Tim Hunt $25.00 Good luck and take photos!
Young Hee Simpson $20.00 Go Tosh!
Matthew Hill $30.00
Thomas Knedlik $25.00 Good cause mate!
Michelle Davidov $25.00 Go Tosh! A true inspiration for us all :) What about wearing a shark bikini while doing this?! Just a thought...
Stephen Bresson $50.00
Reef Seen Divers Resort, Pemuteran $25.00 You're bonkers!! There'd definitely better be pictures. GOOD LUCK from all of us Chris, Amanda, Adrian and the staff at Reef Seen
Mikey Randle $25.00
Rene Huerlimann $50.00 Let's continious the Project AWARE movement to save our planet for future generations! Join in!
FU FU $50.00 proofing I don't eat shark fin
Hannah Pragnell-Raasch $20.00 Turtley JAWESOME Tosh :)
Daisy Whicheloe $20.00 Good luck!
Bali Reef Divers $25.00 This better be up on Youtube so we can all see you suffer! Ain't no golfing!
Bali Hai Diving Adventures $25.00 Good luck to you guys! I hope to see there with a team as well! Bring it on Mwahaha!!
joes Gone Diving $50.00
marij aben $10.00 go for it; can't wait to watch! ;-)
Jo Marston $20.00 Go Tosh!
Minni Vangsgaard $25.00 We will be just behind you :-)
AquaMarine Diving - Bali $350.00 Good for you, Tosh! AquaMarine Diving - Bali
Hans Ullrich $20.00 Go to the gym first!!
Sheridan Hatcher $25.00 Go Toshie!!!
Helene Reynaud $10.00
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