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Are you FINatical about Sharks?

Join the Race & Get Swimming to End Finning

The clock’s ticking for vanishing shark species. You can join the race to protect them. If you’re FINatical about sharks, fundraise today.

What is the Finathon?
Like a swimathon, fun run, cycle race or marathon – the Finathon is a great way to bring the community together, raise awareness and funds to support this unique cause.

You can help Project AWARE:
- Fight to stop shark finning
- Insist on full protections for critically endangered sharks
- Negotiate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks

Recent Updates

Shark Week Supporters!

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Shark Week: Snow Falls in New Zealand for Coldest Finathon on Record!
The start of Shark Week saw snow fall in Dunedin, New Zealand and divers brave seven degree water. A little snow didn’t stop people heading to the Dive Otago pool for this years’ Finathon! They hit the warmer water indoors to fight against shark finning for the second year.
“It was a fierce challenge between Team Dive Otago and my Team Tomahawk. Our team wanted raise awareness against...

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What? Taking the ferry when we could just swim instead?

…and that’s exactly what a pair of keen swimmers and shark lovers Suzanne Lovell and Lyndsay Bilodeau have set out to do.
The team of Sharklab Malta will swim the distance of 5.5 Km between the islands of Malta and Gozo and raise funds for Project AWARE.
"Sharklab Malta is a registered local NGO and is a non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to research, education and raising greater...

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Rainbow Divers Vietnam - First Finathon Beach Olympics

First ever Beach Olympiics - a blast! 100% AWARE Partner Rainbow Divers, Vietnam is FINatical about sharks and determined to make a difference. Hosting the first Finathon in Vietnam they said “We had a great day with lots of fun! Tug of war and the floatable race were definitely the highlights of our Beach Olympics. Additionally we had good laughs during the three leg race and the egg on the...

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What Are You Wearing for Your Finathon?
From superheroes to shark suits Finathon champs love their flamboyant costumes! In celebration of Shark Week Black Milk Clothing is donating $1 from the sale of these jawesome leggings and swimsuits to help protect our friends the sharks! Be quick offer ends 9am AEST 18 August. Check out the Mr Shark Leggings and Swimsuits by Black Milk Clothing and support the cause! Thank you!

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Winning to End Finning - The Finathon Super Rally

Jarret Voorhies, a 15 year old scuba diver and race car driver has gone the distance to raise awareness for shark protection and taken Project AWARE’s Finathon into overdrive. He wanted to dig deep to share his passion for ocean protection but combine his racing pursuits, creating the super rally that he called Winning to End Finning.

The go-karts and helmets were provided on July 13, 2014 at...

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109 Days of Tropical Island Swimming

A big congratulations to Scandy Andy who has swum an average of 1km a day for 109 days! It’s been a big week for Andy. When his latest challenge to swim the distance around the island of Koh Samui (84.7 kilometers) in less than 30 days was almost complete he upped the distance to 100km!  “I now have more kilometers than days swimming” said Andy. So how did it all start?
A few months ago...

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Going to Great Lengths for Sharks - the Same Length as the Great Barrier Reef!

Todd Cameron has been swimming around the world for sharks. He set a goal of a total of 2300km (2.3 million meters) - the same length as the Great Barrier Reef (or Toronto to Miami – that’s 605 IRONMAN swims!) to raise awareness for sharks. His Swimming Fast for Sharks project supports Project AWARE’s Finathon® so his action not only raises awareness but essential funds for shark...

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Winning to End Finning - Go Kart Race for Sharks

The race to save sharks is on! Support Jarret Voorhies - JSV Motorsports, 15 year old go kart racer and passionate scuba diver!
The first annual Winning to End Finning indoor electric go kart race takes place on July 13 at the Pole Position Raceway, Frisco, TX, USA.
The event will host a silent auction and raffle to raise funds. Jarret is busy gaining support from  businesses and traditional ...

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Gene's Finathon Swim from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao

Congratulations Gene Giraudeau and Master Divers completing an amazing 36km solo ocean swim for Project AWARE’s Finathon - watch the movie here! Hot on the heels of their success The Samui Swim Team are swimming to end finning one island at a time. So far they’ve navigated 7 islands and clocked up 39.3 Finathon Kilometres. So what are you waiting for? Create your fundraising page, plan...

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Oceans of Inspiration - 13 Hours 23 Minutes in the Water

The amazing and inspirational super star swimmer has done it! Today Gene Giraudeau became the first person to swim between the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, Thailand. Supported by Master Divers, Gene completed the swim in 13hrs 23 mins an incredible distance of 36km 33m.

Together with Gene's supporters we are blown away by Gene's achievement. Social media was swimming with good luck...

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Swiming Fast for Sharks

Todd Cameron is going the distance to raise awareness for sharks. He’s enduring a series of swim events, totaling 2300 km (the length of the Great Barrier Reef), concluding on June 20th (ironically the 39th Anniversary of JAWS, less than 100 miles from where they filmed the movie) in Narragansett Beach, RI, USA.

“I hope I can do my part in raising awareness by layering my passions for...

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What does a girl eat on a 16 hour swim? Read the interview to find out!

Gene Giraudeau is getting pumped for her 43km solo swim, a feat that no one has attempted before. It will take an estimated 16 hours to swim between the tropical Thai Islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Read the interview courtesy of Blonde Traveler Magazine here http://bit.ly/RlPnaP

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Congratulations Mermaids - They Did It!

They did it! Well done to all the Mermaids who took part in the first ever #Mermaid themed #Finathon event! Want to do something for sharks? Join a Finathon event, start your own or support upcoming events with a donation! Thank You http://www.finathon.org/mermaids

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A Finathon with a Twist in the Tale

This year’s Miss Scuba International finalists will become mermaids just for one day on Thursday 1st May in El Gouna, Egypt. And to show their support to marine conservation twelve mermaids and last year’s finalist Jaime-Lee Faulkner, will join Mermaid Kat for the day swimming to end shark finning. Racing with mermaid tails - it's a Finathon with a twist! Check out the Mermaid...

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The Scuba Shop and Aqua-Tots Swim for Sharks!

The Scuba Shop and Aqua-Tots swim school put together a FINtastic fun Finathon for all ages.Sharky the Mascot made a special appearance and the teams raised an amazing $2,300, a huge thanks to everyone who swam and made a donation.

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Going the Distance to Save the Apex Predators

“I love a challenge and I love open water swimming, my dream was to swim the English Channel but I don’t swim well in cold water so have chosen to swim between Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao. It’s very important to save sharks because they are the apex predators, sharks maintain fish populations and keep the ocean healthy.” Gene Girardeau Master Divers will swim 43km open water solo...

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Ready Set Go!
Thank you to everyone who supported the Florida Keys Community College Scuba Club and their Finathon this week. The club swam a total of 26.65 kilometres and raised over $1,100 for sharks.

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Looking for a Healthy New Year Challenge? Finathon 2014!

Scuba divers jumped into the new year with a splash taking on a fit, fun and healthy Finathon challenge. What a great way to begin 2014. A Finathon is the perfect incentive to get fit, feel good and raise funds for your favourite ocean icon – the shark. Read more about 3 amazing pool events and get started today!

13 year old Isabel and friends swam for Isabel's Bat Mitzvah and...

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Hernan and Carrie Ferro $100.00 Yellow Team Rules!
Hernan and Carrie Ferro $100.00 Yellow Team Rules!
Adam Mervyn-Jones $25.00 Go Elana!
Jacques Lovell $50.00 Do it for Nibble :)
Martin Els $10.00 http://diversdigest.co.za/project-aware-finathon-2014/
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Thanks for creating awareness to this terrible act!
Tim Etcheson $25.00 I think you may be just man enough to pull off a pink tu-tu in public.
SIA Finathon $227.12 Thanks to everyone for donating during our finathon event!
Amanda Duggan $25.00 Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $15.00 Thanks for your commitment to protecting sharks :-)
Ray & Alison Zinsli $50.00 Magnificent keystone species.
jona Houghton $25.00 Go Lucy. Good work. Good cause.
Douglas Daniels $50.00
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Scubascene Offline donors $150.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Justin Johnson $25.00
Laura Iwanaga $100.00 Go Lucy Go!
Lucy Dunbar $50.00 Hoping this will help get the legislation in place to protect sharks and keep the delicate balance in our oceans healthy.
Oki Alexander $50.00
Gillian Dale $35.00 I hear this is a week for paying attention to Sharks, so this is well-timed. Good for you.
Gregory Mason $50.00 Yay sharks!!
Jolenw Coules $25.00
Elana Hawke $10.00
Mark Whittaker $50.00
Kade Earls $5.00
Anonymous Donor $36.00 Here's Johnny!!
Corrie Hansen $25.00 Shark-bate oo-haha
Public Donations $32.00 Received these from our games on our FINathon night. Thanks everyone.
Coral Grand Divers $35.00 Thanks to Kat Henderson, Emma Rowles, Esben Lorenzen, Soren Frydkjaer, James Forrester, Ramtin Tahere, D Becker and C Fitzsimmors for dating. We really appreciate it!
Coral Grand Divers $45.00 Thanks to Myrte Molerance, Maryjdewn Jensen, Dongyu Kim, Elyssa Gagliardu, Cassandra Ciarallo, Rowland Mamereu, Heidi Vernes, Tom Klysen, Ellen De Puyelt, Bert Verleyen, Apichaya Ketruttanaborvorn, Tanyaphanin Poopat and Priya Ragnav for donating towards
Coral Grand Divers $55.00 Thank you to Hahee Vo, David Walker, Thomas Burns, Camilla Frederiksen, Joe Shaw, Azur Safie, Jordan Brown, Sammy-Jo Liefveld, Peter Bull, Yeon Kuon, Gyeony Do Park and Eunsean Moon for donating!
Coral Grand Divers $55.00 Thanks to Nicola Lunazdi, Johanna Factaansl, Aaron Messmer, Maria Borrek, Christina Rodriguez, Sydney Frearn, Elke Vloedmans, Peter Bakker, George Arraez, Fabian Weiland, Dommie Temmond, Baart Van Sclingdel and Don Eun Yang for Donating.
Paula Hallquist $25.00 Stop Killing Sharks!!
Nemo M $2.00 Do it for the sharks!
elizabeth ewart (bond) $100.00 way to go lynz proud of you for taking on this challenge please let me know how it goes
Captain Sparrow $25.00 What an incredible initiative ! Best of luck with your swim.
Georgia Meates $10.00
Paddy Cooley $50.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Good Work Olivia!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Hugh Lloyd $50.00
Patrick Guillaumin-Galland $25.00
Darrell Bird $100.00 as long as I get to choose what you wear for your swim
Gayla Bonham-Carter $25.00
Dan and Kylie Zinsli $25.00 Chur bro
Abi Koberstein $10.00 FOR THE SHARKS!
Chris Zinsli $20.00 Cracked it! Go Team Tomahawk!!!!
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Coral Grand Divers $40.00 Thank you to John Martin, Marina Camaeho, Ann - Kathrin Schilken, Therese Aspen, Simon Westerberg, Emelie De Bruyne, Bram Eyckmans, Kyunghua Oh and Miok Jeong for donating! Go Sharks!
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